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Operational Excellence Leader- Compression Technologies and Services,
Ingersoll Rand


Operational Excellence Approaches in Customer Technical Services

Michael is responsible for the leadership and of deployment of business process excellence, Lean thinking, and Operational Excellence in the Compression Technology & Services Strategic Business Unit in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Michaels will illustrate their approaches to drive completion of Lean projects that drive Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, and Dramatic Growth in the business. Michael’s presentation will include:

  • Understanding what Value Add Activities in Customer Service is
  • Buy-in of non-manufacturing people into the Continuous Improvement Journey
  • Customer segmentation to support Operational Excellence
  • Performance Dialogues and communication
  • Standard work in sales
  • Instigating a 5-day Kaizen in Customer Services
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Excellence Lead
UK & Europe Pladis Global


Dalmatians to Labradors
– Moving from Islands of Excellence

Pladis Global is home to many of the best loved biscuits and snacks from McVitie’s and Jacobs. Chris has spent the last decade implementing Lean techniques and programmes within the food manufacturing industry with companies such as Nestlé and British Sugar. The latest iteration of which takes a pragmatic look at Operational Excellence and concentrates on maximising sustainable transformation within a highly cost competitive sector. This case study will describe how they have focused on consistent deployment of Operational Excellence with focus on:

  • Why are we not hitting our targets, we’ve trained enough people!
  • The principles that power the engine
  • Tiered Accountability
  • Creating alignment
  • Never let up, the Road to Zero
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Continuous Improvement Manager



People 4.0 – Game Plan - How to enable people to deliver the next industrial revolution

Technology will not deliver the next industrial revolution, people will. We have an inbuilt need for challenge and social interaction. Quality responsive interfaces and accurate, relevant timely feedback already unlocks this need and engages our latent cognitive energies. Virtual productivity is at an all-time high and increasing and is enabled through frictionless ‘User experience’ in digital social system, games and e-commerce.

How well is this realised or even considered in the work place?

In order to deliver the promise of digital, what are the critical factors and enablers that should be considered to give the modern workforce autonomy to accelerate Continuous Improvement and innovation and use technology to bring productivity back into the real world

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Lead Practitioner, True North Excellence


Harnessing the voice of customer to drive Operational Excellence

‘’Wherever there is a product or a service for a customer there is a Value Stream. The task lies in seeing it’’……… Bill will not only take you through some of the challenges organisations face in understanding the first principle of Lean ‘Specify value from the customers perspective’, but also how you align your improvement efforts to help deliver that value. Bill will provide insights and best practice to help you and your teams better understand what the customer sees as value so you can align your innovation and Continuous Improvement activity on your Journey to Excellence.


What you will learn:

  • Approaches you can use to identify and understand what your customers sees as value
  • How you ‘learn to see’ by mapping the entire sequence of events, both value add and non-value add across the value stream
  • How aligning sales, product development and operations to the voice of customer helps prioritise and accelerate Continuous Improvement and innovation
  • The Lean Principles cycle of improvement
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Practitioner, True North Excellence


The Jigsaw of Excellence – Putting the pieces together for your own Framework to Excellence

Although leaders often understand the many components of excellence, piecing it together in to comprehensive model that can pull a management team together, aligned their organisations, and drive the behavioural change has always remained a significant challenge. Through case study examples that illustrate some of the challenges, together with insight from Carl’s three decades in operational excellence, this case study presentation will illustrate how:

  • To adapt and apply your own model that will guide your progress and performance across the components of excellence
  • Visual Management can be the driver for an engaged and empowered workforce
  • You can see you organisation as systems, and how they can drive behavioural change
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Well done True North Excellence, an excellent two days, leaving here very motivated and inspired

Lean Implementation ManagerMcLaren F1

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