Practical Workshops

Journey to Excellence allows you to learn by doing. During the afternoon of both days you will participate in experiential learning, exploring the key areas that matter to you.

Practical Workshop highlights for JTE2019


Professor of Lean Enterprise, University of Buckingham
(or as Jon Tudor refers to - 'Mr Lean'

DAY ONE 13:40-15:00

Critical factors to reducing Lead Time and the myths of utilisation and variation

The need to reduce lead time, minimise queuing, reduce inventory and improve customer satisfaction is a fundamental for all manufacturers – but many have been missing opportunities by having incorrect policies.

This thought provoking workshop delivered by one of the most respected minds in the world of Lean management, will give Lean leaders plenty of food for thought on the most appropriate actions to take. Focusing on the interactions between variation and utilisation,  it will add insight into how to achieve  Taiichi Ohno’s famous aim  “All we are trying to do is to reduce the time from order to cash”

What you will learn:

  • How understanding Arrival Variation and not solely Process Variation can have a revolutionary impact on manufacturing performance
  • How Utilisation and Muda, Mura, Mura relate together
  • Better understanding of lead times and queues and what you can do to reduce them
  • The Kingman Equation and how it can have massive implications for scheduling, sales, accounting, quality and planning.
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Practitioner, True North Excellence

DAY ONE 13:40-15:00

Drive Continuous Improvement through Effective Problem Solving

Solving The Biggest Problem in Problem Solving

Effective problem solving is a key tenet of any Continuous Improvement activity. Yet it is something that many businesses struggle with. It is easy to become spectacularly good at fire-fighting, because you believe you don’t have the time to the bottom of your issues. Problem-solving can seem long-winded; difficult; or it might be fraught with opinion, argument and emotion.

One of the biggest problems with problem-solving is that people naturally jump straight into trying to determine the root cause – to fix the problem quickly. But often we do this without truly understanding what the ACTUAL problem is.

Fundamentally, you cannot effectively solve a problem that you do not fully understand.

This practical workshop will take you through 3 key steps that will dramatically help you, and your team, identify and define a problem, so that you can then quickly get to a sustainable solution that finally puts your problems to bed.

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Very good, liked the choice of sessions and workshops – keynotes were strong, entertainment was good and the TNE team created a good and relaxed atmosphere to focus in

UK & Europe Excellence LeadPladis Global (The Biscuits Works)

Vitally important to attend such Lean best practice events, to hear leading Lean companies and experts, lots of food for thought for our own journey.

Operations DirectorThe Authentic Food Company

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